How to become part of our economic body:

New accounts are currently available to core members of established biomimicry networks.  This includes the Biomimicry Network Leaders Community as well as core members of their home networks, BPros and BSpecs (including current candidates), core members of the European Biomimicry Alliance (EBA), and Biomimicry Institute staff.  If you're in one of these categories and would like to join, here's how:

  1. Fill out our minimalist application form here 
  2. Create an account here

Participation in the pilot is free.  For the system to function, however, all members must agree to a balanced exchange (giving and receiving in equal amounts) over the course of their membership.

Membership during the pilot phase is limited to 150 people, or "Dunbar's number”.  Those who participate in the global pilot will be empowered to set up credit facilities for their home communities in the future that could inter-trade with the other networks, including this one, if they choose.