Visual Communication strategy (Graphic design) (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 25 on 26-Sep-2015

I started my educational career at Scottsdale Community College after moving to Phoenix from Switzerland. After receiving an Associate Degree in Computer Graphics before I continued on at Arizona State University to receive a Bachelor of Science in Design in Graphic Design. Then I worked for various employers as a graphic designer until I became conflicted about the wasteful behavior that is associated with this industry. Printed materials litter the globe with valuable resources for how much return? Believing that there is a better way to work within visual communication, I ventured on to pursue a Master’s in Science in Interaction Design with a focus on Biomimetic Graphic Design at ASU. Currently I am teaching graphic design at the Design School at ASU while also pursuing my second Master's through the Biomimicry 3.8 and ASU partnership. My research focuses on sustainable graphic design techniques and nature inspired solutions. I also have a strong background in layout design, interactive presentations, motion graphics, as well as typography.

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